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I shoot documentary-style black and white images, environmental portraits, and dreamy, evocative stills. These are stories from my work and life, shot as both participant and observer of my own experience. My greatest joy is to capture the real stories of our human experience. 

I have been doing photography for over 20 years, since the art form captivated me as a young teen. I have experience in event, wedding, travel, portrait and birth photography and my true love lies in the candid image. I bring a calm and reflective presence to my work, and seek to blend seamlessly into the environment as I shoot. I choose black and white to illuminate the truest soul of a moment.

I am a mother, a maker, a creator and a mirror to the world around me.


Here, you will find people who 

inspire, places that beckon, and my offerings to you.



Gianna King





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